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BragaTours is a project which began in 2012 when we first saw a segway and were immediately enthusiastic about it.

As citizens of Braga (bracarenses) we knew that tourism was well-developed in the North of Portugal, a region that boasts centuries of cultural heritage from Roman times and which is still cherished today. Also called Bracara Augusta, City of Archbishops or Capital of Baroque the importance of historical events can still be seen today in Braga. The Braga identity is present everywhere and can be observed in the streets, squares and buildings, but also in Braga's traditions, festivities and gastronomy.

In addition to its cultural heritage, the historical centre also has a large pedestrian area which was created through several urban regeneration projects that substantially improved mobility in the old town, which is now free of traffic. The historical centre and its surroundings therefore provide excellent conditions for the smooth, efficient and environmentally friendly use of the segway.

For those who do not opt for the segway and simply prefer to discover the city on foot, we have also prepared different walking tours.

Our goal

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We aim to help our visitors discover those "off the beaten track" places that no one else visits, offering a genuine and authentic experience without missing the main historical points of interest of Braga. Some of these places are not even known to the locals. Curiosities, small tips and suggestions are our speciality!

We are committed to innovation and we strive to boost tourism in Braga, going one step further by proposing unique and attractive tours that are hand-picked after careful mapping of the best Braga has to offer. We believe the result is simply amazing..

you will discover the city in a fun and green way with professional advice from a local guide. You will visit more, pay less and with less effort. 100% fun and 0% CO2!

Our destination

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Without losing sight of its origins, BragaTours started a new project in 2015, seeking to broaden its business. Braga is located in a region of unique beauty and rich traditions and heritage that we would like you to discover by offering you a series of tours.

Minho has unique people and its natural landscapes with small crops, vineyards, villages of granite and manor houses. The green of the land and the blue of the sea, the hospitality of its people, its rich gastronomy and the vibrant festivities, pilgrimages and traditions together create a very special atmosphere in this north-east region of Portugal.

The birthplace of Portugal, a land blessed by the gods, Minho has been shaped over the centuries by the hand of man and has kept pace with modern developments while respecting nature, biodiversity as well as ancestral traditions and customs. Valleys and rivers embellish this scenic picture where well-established vineyards produce a fresh and fruity wine (vinho verde).

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, its coastline also has exceptionally beautiful natural landscapes where the sea at times strokes the fine sand, and at times crashes on the rocks in a passionate embrace.

The people of Minho have rich traditions. The sacred and the secular give colour to an ancestral culture that displays an attachment to life, joy, music and colour. This is tangible in its folklore traditions where red, yellow and blue whirl in a lively dance, where the gold filigree worn by the minhotas (women from Minho) in order to show off their wealth literally shines

Let's discover this treasure of Northern Portugal together.

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