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Segways are an excellent advertising platform. If you are looking for a way to advertise or promote your company, our electric vehicles are the best ways.

There are two ways of using our vehicles for advertising: vehicle body parts advertise and sponsorship.

Advertise with our vehicles and equipments

Segways are a great tool for public interaction.

Segways’ Advantages

Our segways may be used as an advertise tool, standing still or with a promoter, which will interact with the target group, distributing promotional samples. Contact us. For further information geral@bragatours.com


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Becoming our sponsor you will not only benefit from an excellent advertising platform, but you will be joining your company to a set of ecological positive values represented by Bluedragon. Some of our benefits as being our sponsor are: The characteristics of our vehicles are so unique that everybody will stop to stare at them and make a comment about them.

Active presence of your company in the community and high visibility. Our tours ride along commercial, residential areas and the historical city centre of Braga.

Ecological positive image. 100% Fun | 0% CO2.

The advertising of your company’s image as innovative and pioneer. For further information, please send us an email to geral@bragatours.com .

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Praça da República, Braga. Near to the Turism post Phone (+351) 968 917 555 Responsive image Responsive image Responsive image
Tuesday to Sunday
from 10 AM to 7PM
GPS: 41°33'04.0" -8°25'23.0" geral@bragatours.com
October to April:
Only by reservation
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